Connect groups

Connect Groups are a great opportunity to develop relationships among other believers and learn the word of God. In these groups, you'll further study Sunday sermon with an emphasis on personal application and fellowship. You'll be challenged to think deeply about scripture and its application to your life.

Interest groups

Interest Groups are great ways to meet people who are interested in the same things you are. Join a group and start enjoying fun activities while meeting new people at Venture. Want to lead an interest group? Let us know!

Group Location & Times

Each Group has different meeting days throughout the week, meeting in different locations across Collier County. Some of our groups meet all year long, and some are cyclical, meaning when they begin, they're about 8-10 weeks in length.

What About My Kids?

Not every group offers childcare. If you need childcare in order to join a group, please let us know when you fill out a Connect Card, and our team will assist in finding options for you.

Connect Groups Director

Pastor Roger Felipe