Worship is a lifestyle of a daily pursuit for God’s holiness. Our focus is Christ Jesus. We are passionate about bringing excellence into our worship services having singable, teachable, and theologically sound songs reaching out to every person in our diverse community.

Audition Process

  1. Sign up: Any person can sign up for an audition by filling out a connection card.
  2. Audition Scheduled: We will contact you to schedule a time of your availability so we can hear you play or sing. We’d love to hear you playing/singing a song that displays your best musical ability/vocal range! We will also send you great resources and information through email of what songs we would like to hear you play/sing. It is that simple! We will just jam together and guide you through the process.
  3. Feedback: There will always be specific feedback and helpful tips. Resources will also be given.

If you want to know more about the Worship team,
fill out a Connect Card  below!


Listen to the songs we sing on Spotify here!